Oral Presentation Australian & New Zealand Obesity Society 2014 Annual Scientific Meeting

Running Shared Medical Appointments for Diabesity (#108)

Marianne Sumego 1
  1. Cleveland Clinic, Chicago, IL, United States

The increasing complexity and costs of medical care are challenging the entire healthcare community to develop efficient and high quality care models. Shared Medical Appointments (SMAs) provide an innovative solution addressing access and quality of care in a setting which leverages repetition and extended visit length. The model's success is critical on the elements flowing together creating a seamless appointment.
Looking back over more than 10 years of experience at the Cleveland Clinic conducting SMAs, we can share the key essentials in the development and implementation of SMAs. Our data illustrates how SMA's can result in increased access, improved quality of care and an enhanced patient experience. Chronic disease conditions like diabesity and the associated impact on healthcare are taking center stage. SMA's are a care model that combines maximizing workflow efficiencies with high quality of care and are one way to address the changing needs in healthcare. It can be an exciting time in healthcare as we forge ahead to advance the care of our patients.