Johanna L Barclay Australian & New Zealand Obesity Society 2014 Annual Scientific Meeting

Johanna L Barclay

Dr Barclay is the Senior Research Development Manager in the Research Strategy Office at the University of New South Wales. Within this role she leads of a team of managers offering strategic assistance to faculties, schools, centres and individual researchers to increase competitiveness for large competitive funding opportunities across all disciplines and funders. Dr Barclay has a strong background as a researcher, achieving her PhD in 2007 and completing successful postdoctoral positions in world class research institutions both in Australia and abroad, including the Max Planck Institute in Germany. Dr Barclay continues to actively participate in research studies spanning the translation and implementation pathway with a focus on endocrinology in the context of diabetes and obesity. She serves as a Board Member for the Australasian Research Management Society, and is co-chair of the Program Organising Committee for the Endocrine Society of Australia.

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