Poster Presentation Australian & New Zealand Obesity Society 2014 Annual Scientific Meeting

The role of GH in Obesity (#176)

Hendrik Rensburg 1
  1. The Rensburg Clinic, Nedlands, Australia

Hormonal factors in obesity and ageing are discussed with special reference to practical applications. The main focus will be on the role of GH and IGF-1 in catabiosis (medical name for ageing) and obesity. The origional name for GH, instead of the name “Growth Hormone” is proposed to be used instead of the name GH, to enhance the understanding of its functions in adults, since the present name appears to be flawed within the framework of current knowledge. (The name "obesity" is also seriously flawed, but this can be deliberated on during another talk. Various alternatives are proposed, especially one contender] The adrenopause, menopause, somatopause and viropause are known physiological, albeit pathological consequences of ageing. A new concept is proposed namely uvenipause to enhance the understanding and treatment of catabiosis. The extensive interactions of GH with other hormones are discussed. The role of GH in the treatment of obesity is examined and it is suggested that GH and IGF-1 are under utilized in the treatment of obesity. However, it is also not used correctly. GH is not a standalone hormone and needs various other helper hormones and life style changes to perform properly in the treatment of obesity and without the latter it is argued that it can be an expensive waste of money and resources. GH controversies like side effects, endocrine suppression and cancer fears are analysed.