Matthew J Watt Australian & New Zealand Obesity Society 2014 Annual Scientific Meeting

Matthew J Watt

Matthew Watt obtained his PhD from the Deakin University in 2002, completed postdoctoral fellowships at the University of Guelph (Canada), RMIT University and St. Vincent’s Institute, then established a research team in the Department of Physiology at Monash University where he was supported by continuous National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) fellowships for over a decade. Matt moved to the University of Melbourne in 2018 where he is currently Professor and Head of the Department of Anatomy and Physiology. Matt’s research vision is to deconvolute complex metabolic and endocrine regulation to facilitate the development of new therapies for obesity-related diseases, including type 2 diabetes, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and cancer. His laboratory has worked with many local and international teams to achieve these goals, and they have established and share a comprehensive suite of analytical tools including real-time metabolic assessment in cells, tissues and mice, and lipidomic and proteomic evaluation using advanced mass spectrometry. Most recently, he has established and oversees the open-access Melbourne Murine Metabolic Phenotyping Platform to advance Victoria’s capacity for in vivo metabolic testing. At the end of this pipeline, he works closely with industry partners, including Gilead Sciences and CSL, to advance the discoveries made in pre-clinical models towards real world solutions for patients. Matt has enduring links with the Australian Physiological Society and served as the National Secretary from 2013-2016. He is as an Associate Editor for the American Journal of Physiology Endocrinology and Metabolism.

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