Jon Whitehead Australian & New Zealand Obesity Society 2014 Annual Scientific Meeting

Jon Whitehead

A/Prof Whitehead is a Principal Research Fellow at the Mater Research Institute-University of Queensland (MRI-UQ) where he leads a research team focused on the discovery and characterization of molecular processes involved in adipocyte development and adipokine production, the dysregulation of which contributes to cardiometabolic diseases. His goal is to understand and ultimately manipulate cellular processes that will promote healthy adipose tissue remodelling and/or adipokine production to improve systemic cardiometabolic function. Approaches include the use of molecular, cellular and preclinical models combined with biochemical and genetic analysis of patient samples to identify candidate genes, proteins and pathways that represent putative therapeutic targets. He has published a series of papers that have started to elaborate a novel adipogenic pathway (Diabetes, 2004 & 2012, FASEB J 2006 & 2016, AJP Endo & Met 2009, Mol Cell Endo 2011). He trained in the UK under the guidance of Sir Prof Steve O’Rahilly before relocating to Australia to work with Prof David James (at UQ then Garvan) and Prof John Prins (at UQ, then Mater). He has been the recipient of a number of Fellowships (Wellcome Trust, Lions Medical, & NHMRC) and awards, most notably the Australian Heart Foundation Researcher of the Year, and is on council of the Australia & New Zealand Obesity Society (ANZOS) and Convener of the 2016 ANZOS ASM.

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